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A day with mealworms

In our Thursday lesson we (students from grade 6b) experimented with mealworms (Zophobas). We wanted to find out what mealworms like to feed on. Our hypothesis was that they would like bananas because bananas are very sweet and all animals like sweet food. The material we used you can see in the picture: a plate, a spatula for the flour and the oats, a slice of cucumber and a slice of banana. Not to forget: our six hungry mealworms! We placed the food in the „corners” of the plate. Then we put six hungry mealworms in the middle of the plate so they could all crawl to the food at the same time. In round 1 four mealworms chose flour, 2 of them went to the oats, 1 to cucumber and banana each. The next three rounds showed that mealworms really love flour and oats. We illustrated our results in a bar graph. At the end of the lesson some groups also did a mealworm race. It was a really tight head to head race and a mealworm called Herbert (or Mr Hilbert – some mealworms had more than just one name) won. It was a very funny lesson.

Text: Yuss, Felix and partly Kay, Benni, Marlon and Max, 6b